Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sister session and another podium

As said before the last 2 weeks has been crazy, so much stuff going on. This week was a bit of a chill week, but still mixed up with a photo shoot and another competition.

Aimee hurt her shoulder the other day and decided not to compete. She`s off to Canada next week for a big backcontry shoot with Roxy, so good decision of Aimee to take it easy. 

Here`s some pictures from the last week during sister session in Mayrhofen. 


Silje Norendal stoked on the top of the podium

 1pl Silje Norendal, 2pl Tini Gruber and 3place Elena Konz
 Tini Gruber killed it all day, with Cab 180 up to a down rail, super nice frontside 360 and ended her run with one of the cleanest backside 540 I ever seen. Well done Tini, and congrats.

Silje Norendal enjoying the sun in Mayrhofen.

 Sister session 2011, woop woop!!

 Laps in the park, Silje Norendal, Aimee Fuller and Tini Gruber

Gopro, Silje Norendal and Aimee Fuller

The beautiful sun in Mayrhofen.

Aimee are putting together a video from the even that will be up shortly!

xoxo, Silje

Friday, January 21, 2011

Enni Rukajärvi

A good friend and bit of a legend ENNI!
Will be posting on here now, with comps, pics and joining us on trips, comps and travels!
Enni killed it last year, literally coming out of Finland and straight onto the international circuit she cleaned up at pretty much every event on the circuit! YEAH Enni, we are all stoked to have you onboard.

Check out this edit of Enni killing it back at her home in Finland.

A CRAZY 2 weeks !!!

SO the last 2 weeks have GONE OFFFFFF!!!


It has been soo much fun, first off myself, Silje and Helene went to Davos for the ONeill Evolution. Silje was throwing down her frontside rodeo off the big booter and just sketched on the landing. So through to the semi's was myself and Helene. Helene riding super good all week made it through to finals and I qualified through in 3rd. Finals went down the same day, it was soo much fun, I put down a clean run, a bs3 tail and then tried the 7 in my last run. Helene was stomping HUUUUGE bs5's, the nicest style I have seen in a long time on that trick. She sketched on the landing in finals putting her into 8th place . I was super stoked on my result and finished in 5th overall whooO!

Aimee b3 mute in the finals at the Oneill Evolution

Check out some footage from Aimee in the finals here...

Helene sending on the big jump, bs5
After Davos all three of us headed over to LAAX for the Burton European
Open another 6* TTR event. Helene had to get straight to it the next day for the qualification, she made it through qualis, only 5 riders out of the 40 girls went through. My
self and Silje where lucky enough to have an invite to the event so went straight to semi's. Semi Finals went down on the Thursday, the weather was not the best and speed was a little bit of an issue. I finished up in 10th overall,

 Backflip at the BEO 
Aimee backflip in the semi's!

BUT THE big news Silje made it through and represented in the finals and finished in 4th place YEAH SILJE!!!!!

Silje Norendal representing in the finals, steezy frontside rodeo!

Silje, Aimee and Jordie chilling after slopestyle!

Helene unfortunatley got injured during semi's so we wish her a speedy recovery, get well soon girl!

peace out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Aimee Fuller and Silje Norendal are nominated for the title "Rookie of the year", and Lisa Wiik is nominated for the title "female rider of the year" Vote for us here:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yiip! at 6star event in Davos

The girls are ready for semi finals!
Qualification went down yesterday and Helene Olafsen made it easy to the semi-finals with a massive bs 540 over the big kicker at the O'neill evolution in Davos. She finished 3rd:) Aimee fuller kept the focus and landed a clean 2nd run over the massive kicker and grabbed a well deserved spot for the semi finals as well. YEAH!

Check back later for more sick riding in the semis!

Check out the sticker job on the helmet!

Silje Norendal went for it and did a massive frontside rodeo over the big kicker. She will be unbeatable when she sticks her run. Watch out everyone!